AHG National Pen Pal Program 2019

Pen Pal Program Overview

The American Heritage Girls Pen Pal Program is a unique and fun opportunity for girls to make friends in other Troops across the nation! All Levels can participate, and each girl will receive a girl pen pal from a different state at the same Program Level.  Girls communicate with their pen pals in a variety of fun ways to make it a great experience!

Participants will also receive a Pen Pal Patch from their Troop Coordinators to place on the back of their vest or sash.

The Pen Pal Program Registration runs from October 1 – November 30, 2018

New this Year:

  • Girls who register for the Pen Pal Program will have a chance to design the 2019 patch
  • An AHG Pen Pal Ideas Pinterest Board will be made available to show fun ideas for communication
  • Older girls can explore, with their parents’ permission, social media (following platform age requirements) or texting options
  • Matches will be emailed at the beginning of January (last year they were mailed in December)

 Pen Pal Communication Methods

There are many, creative options for girls to communicate with their pen pals.  Based on a girl’s age, technology capabilities, preferences and parent permission, the following methods can be used:

  • Postal Mail – This ‘old-fashioned’ letter writing method is encouraged, especially with younger girls, as it develops an understanding of written communication. Letters, pictures, and cards can be sent.
    • To help with letter writing, AHG has Pen Pal Packets full of wonderful, monthly prompts to help spark creativity in your written communications by Level.  Just click your Program Level to use these:
  • AHG Pinterest Pen Pal Ideas Board– will be made available to all pen pals for creative communication options, such as sending a flip-flop just like you would a postcard.  This link will be sent when you receive your match via email.
  •  Email Communication – This can be done through a parent’s email for younger girls, while older girls can use their own email address with parent permission.
  • Social Media/Texting – This is new this year and another creative option available for the older girls only. This can only be used if both pen pal families are comfortable with this method of communication. Girls must follow social media  platform age requirements.

Registration Process

The 2019 Pen Pal Registration runs from October 1 – November 30, 2018.  All AHG Registered Members for the 2018-2019 Program Year will receive an email invitation to sign up.  Just follow the link on the email to register.

Matches will be sent via email by January 10th, 2019.


There is a nonrefundable $8 fee/ girl to sign up.  This participation fee covers patch, administrative, and technology costs. 

Expectations for the Pen Pal Program:

Girls are expected to communicate with their pen pal at least once/month during the 2019 calendar year – January through December.


Along with the privilege of having a pen pal, active participation in the AHG Pen Pal Program requires responsibility to be a good pen pal.


Prayerfully consider being a pen pal before you make the commitment.


Important Links:

  1. Visit the Agreement Page  here to read the Girl Agreement and Parent Agreement for the AHG Pen Pal Program
  2. Visit the FAQ Page here.
  3. Share the Pen Pal Program Flyer linked here with your Troop
  4. Questions can be directed to AHG,  Inc. via the Pen Pal Form.