Girl & Parent Agreements

Thank you for your interest in the 2019 AHG Pen Pal Program. This program provides a great way to make new, strong friendships and share memories and experiences with an American Heritage Girl in another state.

Along with the privilege of having a pen pal, participation in the AHG Pen Pal Program requires responsibility to be a good pen pal. Please understand these responsibilities and prayerfully consider your participation.

Girl Agreement:

I promise to be responsible and loyal. I will communicate with my pen pal at least once a month from January 2019 until December 2019. This is how I earn my Pen Pal Patch.

I promise to be reverent. I will pray for my pen pal. Spiritual encouragement is a great way to support my pen pal.

I promise to be compassionate and respectful. I will respect my pen pal as a person in what I say and do. I will give her grace if she forgets to write.

Parent Agreement:

I understand that my daughter is required to write at least once a month from January 2019 until December 2019. I will help my daughter honor her monthly writing commitments.

I understand that the $8 per girl cost is nonrefundable.

If my daughter’s pen pal does not write, I will email the parent of my daughter’s pen pal to try to understand the situation.

I understand that AHG, Inc. does not have additional pen pals to assign. If my daughter is unable to fulfill her commitment, I will work with my daughter’s Troop to find an American Heritage Girl at her Level to replace her. If that is not possible, AHG Inc. will work directly with Troop Coordinators to find another pen pal when a girl cannot fulfill her commitment. It is not guaranteed that pen pals can be replaced.

If my daughter decides to leave American Heritage Girls, I understand that she is still encouraged to follow through with her pen pal commitment for the remainder of the year.