Workshop Descriptions

Alone Together

We live in a world saturated with technology. According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, children ages 8 to 18 spend approximately 7 hours and 38 minutes per day with modern technology. Technology itself isn’t bad, but, like everything else, it can be used for evil and destruction. Students need parents and faith leaders to lovingly teach them how to use technology with wisdom. In this session, we will examine the leading technologies that are discipling the next generation. We will see how they have revolutionized the world and offer incredibly practical steps for how to use them with wisdom.

The Beauty of Balance

Life requires us to wear many hats. How do you manage the demands from Troop members, church, family and friends? Learn techniques for establishing a healthy, well-run Troop that allows you the freedom to say “no” to Troop demands when your family needs you. You’ll leave this workshop with the tools necessary to model a healthy lifestyle for Volunteers and girls, while balancing ministry and parenthood.

Benefits of a “Brother Troop”: Leveraging the Trail Life USA and AHG Connection for Family Ministry

AHG and Trail Life USA offer families unique resources and opportunities for raising confident, Christ-following daughters and sons. This workshop will dive into the benefits of having a Trail Life Troop run alongside your AHG Troop, while offering tips for success. Discover how AHG and Trail Life complement one another and how you can bring Trail Life to your community!

Beyond Bug Juice and S’mores: Camp Planning

Whether you are a veteran camper or have never slept a night in a tent, this workshop will help you understand the different phases of planning a camp event for your Troop. With practical tips and resources about packing, preparing, and planning, this workshop will feature AHG Volunteers with abundant experience leading camping activities!

Beyond the Building: Creating Dynamic Charter Organization Relationships

When the relationship with a Charter Organization is more than just building use, it can become the lifeblood of the Troop. Learn how to foster an effective, mutually beneficial relationship between the Troop and Charter Organization that will allow for greater community impact.

Blazing the Stars & Stripes Trail: Supporting Your Troop’s First Stars & Stripes Candidate

Whether your Troop is just hitting the Stars & Stripes trail or you’re curious about the Award, this workshop will serve as your introduction.  Stars & Stripes veterans will cast vision for the value and purpose of the Award, provide a broad overview of the Award Procedure and discuss the goals for the Candidate’s experience.  It’s never too early to learn about AHG’s highest honor!

Bridging the Gap: Serving Girls from Different Faith Backgrounds

Christ is the thread that binds us all together, but navigating different faith backgrounds can be challenging in a Troop setting.  This workshop will share experiences from Troops across the country, as well as best practices for facilitating a healthy Troop environment which welcomes both Catholic and Protestant families.

Camp Hair, Don’t Care: Outdoor Adventures with Explorers, Pioneers and Patriots

The outdoors can offer a wonderful venue for encouraging confidence, imagination and responsibility in girls. Explorer, Pioneer and Patriot girls thrive on new and exciting experiences outside of their comfort zones. Often their favorite AHG experiences are those that are outdoors and unplugged (no phones, no devices). Learn the basics of planning an outdoor adventure for your girls, as well as their importance to keeping older girls engaged in the AHG Program.

Connecting Girls to Their Creator Through High Adventure

Are you ready to take outdoor adventure to the next level AND grow girls for Christ?  Girls love High Adventure activities and these types of activities offer a wonderful opportunity to connect girls to their Creator.  This workshop will provide you with simple techniques for involving girls in the planning process, as well as tips for creating intentional spiritual development opportunities.

Connecting with Beth Guckenberger

Connect in a smaller setting with Beth Guckenberger, Co-Executive Director of Back2Back Ministries, and hear Beth’s heart for sharing Biblical concepts through storytelling and missions.

Connecting with Dr. Juli Slattery

Connect in a smaller setting with Dr. Juli Slattery, Co-Founder of Authentic Intimacy, who has witnessed through her ministry the benefits of moving away from teaching strictly about “sexual purity,” and instead encouraging “sexual integrity.” While well-intended, the “purity” movement has prevented some young men and women from understanding and pursuing God’s complete design for sexuality. In this workshop, you’ll discuss the need for a broader understanding of God’s creation of sexuality, equipping Christians with a message far more comprehensive than “just wait until marriage.”

Connecting with Erin Weidemann

Connect in a smaller setting with Erin Weidemann, Co-Founder and creator of Bible Belles and 5 time cancer-survivor. Erin will share 5 ways to Boost Emotional Intelligence in Your Troop. Emotional Intelligence (EI) is not only an important life skill; it is an essential component of female leadership. Learn 5 ways to cultivate an environment of authentic communication and connection in your Troop.

Connecting with Sally Burke

Four Powerful Steps of Prayer

God calls us to pray for our kids. Learn how four simple, but powerful steps of prayer— Praise, Confession, Thanksgiving and Intercession— can replace your cares and worries with His peace and hope, transform your life, and bless those you pray for. You will walk away equipped and empowered with one of the greatest tools God has given us. He is able. He is in control. He is the victor!

Connecting with Wynter Pitts

Connect in a smaller setting with Wynter Pitts, founder of For Girls Like You Magazine, where you’ll add arrows to your quiver to empower and equip girls to walk boldly into becoming who God has created them to be.

Dynamic Adult Volunteers: How to Find, Value and Keep Them

Does your Troop need more Volunteers?  This workshop will offer techniques for growing your Volunteer base through outside-of-the-box thinking. Learn how to best ask a Volunteer to join as well as how to value their “yes” so Volunteers remain committed to impacting girls lives and serving together.

Equipping Older Girls to Lead: How to Host a Girl Leadership Retreat

Carving out time for older girls to develop their leadership philosophies and skills will not only have a dramatic impact on their personal growth but also on the vibrancy of your Troop. Volunteers who have successfully planned and implemented a Girl Leadership Retreat will share their tips for bringing this type of dynamic programming to the girls in your community.

Finding Rest in a Busy World

A relaxing live “chalk art” worship experience provides this workshop’s meaningful backdrop as Kim Wigginton (from Heart of Womanhood Ministry) creatively applies the truth of God’s refreshment to the canvas of daily life! In this fast paced world, our hearts can stay as empty as our mini-van fuel tanks. In contrast God offers us a continual stream of rest in Him so each AHG mom/mentor can live and lead from His overflow

Fruit of the Harvest: AHG Alumnae

Get the first look at the newly updated Leader In Training (LIT) resources created to engage and develop young women ages 18-21.  This workshop will offer tips for keeping girls engaged in the AHG Ministry after they’ve “graduated” from the AHG Program.  Learn more about the LIT program and how to best utilize AHG Alumnae at the Troop level.

The Importance of Vision

With all the glue sticks, Badge orders and fundraising goals, it can be easy to get bogged down in the minutia of what it takes to keep a Troop running.  Having a big picture vision for your Troop offers a framework from which to make decisions, plan for the future of the Troop and make a lasting impact on girls.  Discover techniques for working as a Troop Ministry Team to cast a vision for your Troop.

In His Image: Creating a Loving AHG Environment

God has graciously crafted each of us into unique individuals, but offering the AHG Program amidst all of this uniqueness can bring challenges.  Hear from presenters who can provide resources to successfully connect girls and families from a variety of backgrounds, learn to identify and prevent bullying and unify your Troop.

Keep ‘Em Coming Back

How do you keep girls engaged once the excitement of the new vest has worn off? With a seemingly endless number of opportunities and activities vying for girls’ time, how can AHG continue to be a valued entry on the calendar? This workshop will offer effective ways to communicate the program’s value to busy families searching for a few extra hours in their week, as well as offer strategies to keep girls coming back year after year.

The Key to Stars & Stripes Success: Developing a Support Team

The most successful Stars & Stripes Candidates have a Support Team offering valuable encouragement, direction, and celebration during their journey. Learn how your Troop can establish a Support Team early in the process and set girls up for Stars & Stripes Success!


Axis is committed to helping individuals grow into lifelong faith and in a relationship with Christ. Our desire and mission is to see students stop renting their faith from their parents and start owning a deep, personal faith for themselves. Many of our own friends left God and the Church when they stepped out from under the Christian “umbrella” and delved into the unsheltered world of college and beyond. In this session, we show the intellectual and moral pressures facing the next generation in college. We also demonstrate Axis’ practical approach to reaching the next generation through culture translation and family discipleship.


Listening in Love

Learning to treat one another with respect and dignity is not only a command of Scripture, but it is the only way to establish trusting relationships. Knowing how to accomplish that does not happen accidentally. It takes skill, the kind of skill that will be learned by the participants in the Listening in Love workshop!

Muddy Hands and Wet Feet: Enjoying God’s Creation with Pathfinders and Tenderhearts

Raising confident, imaginative and responsible girls can start in the beautiful outdoors. Start small by bringing Pathfinders and Tenderhearts outdoors with fun, simple and meaningful trips in your own neighborhood.

The Narratives We Weave

Have you ever woven a story in your head about someone that later turned out to not be true? Narratives, or stories, that we weave can entangle us in conflict and hurt our friendships and relationships. Having the tools and skills to put down the needle and thread and stop the narrative in its tracks has the power to prevent hurt, loss and fracture in your relationships and in your Troop.

Party with a Purpose:  Hosting Exciting Girl Recruitment Events

Girls love a good party! Come learn how to host a simple and effective girl recruitment event, perfect for any time of year. You’ll leave with tools and ideas for attracting new girls to the Troop and for building lasting relationships with new families.

Passing the Torch

Were you part of the original Troop Board that started your Troop? Is your daughter about to age out of the AHG Program? Planning is key to ensuring that your Troop continues to impact girls once you have moved on.  You will leave this workshop with a plan of how you might leave a legacy at your Troop and inspired by the potential of your changing role in the AHG Ministry.

Ready, Set, Grow: NEW & Improved Area Teams

AHG cannot wait to share the vision of Area Teams with you! Hear, first hand, the vision God has given AHG leadership for explosive growth and authentic community.  This exciting model is built on the exceptional talent and passion of Volunteers across the country and will provide amazing opportunities for girls and families!

Sex, Drugs, College, and Jesus

Discipleship is a necessary thing in the lives of young people, but who is really discipling them? In this parent/teacher presentation, we look at how pop culture, media, and society are subversively influencing younger generations toward unbiblical and destructive views of these topics. We will also discuss what Jesus has to say about each of these controversial topics, as well as how to move discipleship away from the control of media and back to the family and the church.

There’s an App for That: Updates on AHG Technology

Get “plugged in” to the technology side of AHG!  Come and hear what’s new in AHGconnect and the AHGequip app (to be released in 2018 for Apple and Android).  You will also have the opportunity to provide feedback on future AHGconnect capabilities.

We Need Each Other

We are relational beings and we need each other, especially when we’re laboring for His kingdom. Discover techniques for finding and developing lasting friendships that offer encouragement and inspiration even when times are tough. This workshop will provide the opportunity to connect with others around our common interest in AHG, and develop a network of resources, support, and lasting friendships.